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I’m currently listening to Payphone while writing this post I’ve been LSS’ed since Saturday haha! Anyway, do you know what it feels like eating a spoiled pancit?! Hahaha! I accidentally ate one. :( I told Mom the pancit was like glued on my lips and it taste horrible ughhhhh. It’s so eewy hahaha! I want to vomit it but it won’t come out! Maybe my vomit was shy lol. Ok kaderder na.

Didn’t attend my Foreign Language class. I swear to myself I won’t cut class starting tomorrow. Hay. This is bad haha! On my way to Mr. Quickie I saw this last piece of aztec top. It’s only 50Php! *so much win haha* And that bag was still last year but I can’t use it because the lock was broken then I got it fixed at Mr. Quickie. And if you guys didn’t notice… I have a new theme hahaha!

Lesson of the day: Smell before eat.

50php #aztec top lol 😍👍 (Taken with Instagram)